KARTENHAUS | Feature Film

Everyone's playing poker. Everyone's bluffing. No one wins. A drama about 2.5 couples. Three girlfriends celebrate a relaxed bachelorette party in Mallorca. Supposedly. Because what the bride-to-be hides: she was left just before the trip. But the other two women have their secrets too. And the unexpected arrival of their men eventually makes everything escalate. The cards are torn, forged, and reshuffled, until the house of cards of the clique collapses.

Director | Jurij Neumann
Production | Bik Pictures
Production Design | Knud Riepen
Costume Design | Katharina Mazur
Editor | Johannes Schäfer
Grading | Maximilian Altmeyer
Music | Janek Sprachta
Screenplay | Knud Riepen, Gisa Flake, Jurij Neumann